Building profitable partnerships


Ralph’s Meat Company has built an enviable and enduring reputation and position in Australia’s meat industry over 100 years. That position has been built on a foundation of long-term mutually beneficial partnerships-especially with suppliers of quality livestock. Professional graziers, feedlots and agents all play key roles in our supply network which is expanding to meet increased demand for our quality beef products.

The extensive experience our enthusiastic livestock team has accumulated over 100 years drives Ralph’s Meat Company to constantly to work with our valued suppliers to maximize returns for all involved. We continue to work with our finest graziers to ensure production of the highest grade meat products possible. We can monitor livestock from the paddock through to the customer. We employ an in-depth feedback system which assists us in pinpointing areas requiring improvement, and opportunities for optimizing returns. Together with the National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS) - which aids traceability through the supply chain - the system contributes to better linking suppliers with customers and market requirements.