Goulburn Valley Beef   

Presenting our premium brand


The Goulburn River is a major inland river in Victoria, with its headwaters

rising in the western end of the Victorian Alps, near Mount Buller, before


following through some of the most fertile grazing and agriculturally 


productive land in Victoria.



Typical British bred cattle include Angus, Hereford and Murray Grey which are

well regarded for their superior flavour and eating quality. Goulburn Valley Beef

is a result of the hand selected grading system and more importantly the natural

environment where the cattle graze.

Goulburn Valley Beef cattle are 100% pasture fed. We are proud about this distinction.

For the consumer it brings peace of mind as cattle are free from the confines of a

feedlot and free from the associated grain fed dietary problems.

Goulburn Valley Beef came to fruition to meet the needs + demands of


Melbourne’s even increasing food culture. Today Goulburn Valley Beef is wildly


accepted and sought after on an international stage.