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How to choose best an engagement rings?

This is the big question that many men ask themselves before taking the plunge.  We cannot be 100% sure that the ring will be exactly what she wants.  However, there is an element of risk that can prove to be a real success.  Sometimes even, your beautiful will not know herself exactly what she wants and she will rather want you to surprise her.  The best judge is you  !  Because it is you who know it! However, there are some things to know and a little  discreet investigation  to conduct.  Miss has a sister, a mother, a best friend to help you?  Or maybe she's already told you about her ring tastes or peeked out a window during an afternoon shopping with you?  You need to stay alert to all of these  signals  and this information can be invaluable in helping you choose. Always keep in mind that before you can please YOU, it is HER that you have to think about.  She is the one who will wear your engagement ring every day for many years to come !!! Do not be offended if she tells you