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Types of packaging for a move

Organizing the move is a complex issue, it is also important to take into account the different types of packaging necessary to carry out the move efficiently. For this reason, we have prepared this series of tips that will help you select the appropriate packaging in each case. Cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, bubble wrap, fillers, pads ... At last we will know which is the most appropriate in each case! WHAT TYPE OF PACKAGING CAN I USE FOR MY MOVE? When we propose to carry out a move we must take into account various factors. A crucial factor is the selection of the appropriate packaging for each case. The move requires care and organization to avoid damage to our furniture and belongings during the process, for this reason, packaging is vital. Each type of packaging has unique characteristics that we must know in order to choose the type of packaging with which to protect our belongings. DIFFERENT TYPES OF PACKAGING We have compiled this list with the main types of pac