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What is solar energy and how does it work?

Solar energy is one of the best known and most used renewable energies in our country. At a time when responsibility towards our planet and the environment are key to sustainable development, it is important to know what exactly solar energy is, how it works and how we can take advantage of it. So what is solar energy? The Aztechsolar solar energy is that generated by the sun and traveling through radiation to reach the Earth. It is a renewable energy which the human being intends to obtain it efficiently for its use and exploitation through different technologies that have evolved over time. This type of energy is inexhaustible and very abundant and for this reason, in addition to being a renewable source, it is a clean energy  and is an alternative to other types of non-renewable energy such as fossil energy or nuclear energy. How does solar energy work? Broadly speaking, once it reaches the earth's surface, solar energy needs a photovoltaic installation to convert it into elect