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What is solar energy and how does it work?

Solar energy is one of the best known and most used renewable energies in our country. At a time when responsibility towards our planet and the environment are key to sustainable development, it is important to know what exactly solar energy is, how it works and how we can take advantage of it.

So what is solar energy?

The Aztechsolar solar energy is that generated by the sun and traveling through radiation to reach the Earth. It is a renewable energy which the human being intends to obtain it efficiently for its use and exploitation through different technologies that have evolved over time.

This type of energy is inexhaustible and very abundant and for this reason, in addition to being a renewable source, it is a clean energy  and is an alternative to other types of non-renewable energy such as fossil energy or nuclear energy.

How does solar energy work?

Broadly speaking, once it reaches the earth's surface, solar energy needs a photovoltaic installation to convert it into electricity. The installation captures radiation through photovoltaic cells and transforms it into current. This is the most common use of it.

But what about the energy before it reaches Earth? It is generated by fusion reactions that occur in the Sun. The radiation travels to the Earth by electromagnetic waves and, later, it can be exploited for use and even storage.

How to take advantage of solar energy?

Solar energy can be used in the form of thermal energy or photoelectric energy, for later consumption wherever it is needed. When it comes to thermal energy, we obtain heat to heat a fluid.

The element in charge of capturing solar radiation and transforming it into useful energy is the solar panel. Solar panels can be of different types depending on the mechanism chosen for the use of solar energy :

The solar energy consists mostly exploit the energy generated by the sun to a medium that is heat carrier, usually water or air usually in these cases. This type of solar energy is less in terms of its use and also in its production than photovoltaic energy, but much progress has been made in recent years and is expected to have a great impact in the short term at a positive global level and also in Spain. ecological and economic level. We explain the differences between solar thermal energy and photovoltaic solar energy .

What are the applications of solar thermal energy?

Among the different applications that we can find in this type of energy, there is also the possibility of generating energy for a home. Nowadays, technological advances make it possible to heat water with solar radiation to produce steam and subsequently obtain that electricity.

How is photovoltaic solar energy used?

This type of energy consists of the direct transformation of the radiation that the Sun transmits into electrical energy. This transformation into electrical energy is achieved by taking advantage of the properties of the materials from which the solar panel is formed by means of photovoltaic cells it contains .

Most of the photovoltaic panels are made mostly of silicon for its possible transformation. When sunlight hits one of the faces of the solar cell, it is capable of generating electrical current. The manufacturing process of the plates is laborious and complicated by the silicon they contain.

Through this process, the well-known silicon ingots are produced, which are subsequently cut into photovoltaic cells, which are enriched with Boron and Phosphorus. In the search to improve and lower costs for the use of photovoltaic energy, other materials with higher performance and cheaper are currently being investigated.


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