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What license do I need to drive a truck?

The driving license is the basic tool of many transport professionals, since without the driver's license they would not be able to carry out their activity. To access their truck license, carriers and truckers are required to pass the corresponding theoretical and practical tests at an authorized center, like other drivers. However, there is a driver's license for each type of truck. Today we tell you what license is necessary to get behind the wheel of a truck.

truck driving license

If we carry out our activity with a van with a maximum authorized mass (MMA) equal to or less than 3,500 kg, we can get behind the wheel of the vehicle with a Class B license, like the one we need to drive a car.

This card also enables us to drive a vehicle for people with reduced mobility or vans designed to transport a maximum of 9 people including the driver. Things change when we talk about trucks.

The types of truck license: a permit for each truck model

If our vehicle is a truck, we will have to obtain another type of permit, depending on the size and characteristics of our truck model. In this way, these would be the main ones:

Class C1 permit

It is the license that authorizes the driving of trucks with between 3,500 and 7,500 kg of GVW and whose number of seats, including that of the driver, does not exceed nine. With the C1 a trailer can be hitched with a GVW that does not exceed 750 kg. (C1 + E for heavier trailers).

truck training center

Class C permit

Authorizes to drive rigid trucks. The minimum age to obtain it is 21 years (18 in case of having the Certificate of Professional Aptitude) and to be the holder of a valid B permit.

If you are the holder of the C1 permit and you are over 21 years old, you will be exempt from the theoretical exam and you will only have to pass the closed circuit test and the circulation test to get it.

C + E permission

It enables us to drive rigid trucks with heavy trailers.

Class D permit

This license is not for trucks, but it allows you to drive buses, rigid coaches and trolleybuses. You must be 24 years old and hold a valid class B permit.

Enables the driving of cars destined to transport people with more than 9 seats, including the driver. Said automobiles may have a trailer attached with a MMA not exceeding 750 kg.

Requirements to get a cargo truck driving license

To obtain these permits (C1, C, C + E and D), transport professionals must pass a series of tests that range from a specific theoretical exam to skills and circulation tests.

truck driving training in Newcastle

In addition, to work as a professional driver it is necessary to obtain the Certificate of Professional Aptitude, the CAP.

The CAP is a mandatory requirement for drivers of passenger transport, and also for truckers engaged in the transport of goods. Without it, it is not possible to carry out your activity.

What is the Certificate of Professional Aptitude (CAP)?

The function of the CAP, together with the driving license, is to prove the qualification as a professional driver.

In addition, together with the certificate, a driver qualification card is issued and, each time the user passes a continuous training course, if they have a valid driving license, they will get a new card that can replace the previous one. The card is valid up to 5 years’ period.

The aim is thus to encourage continuous training oftransport professionals so that they keep up to date the essential knowledge required in the exercise of their function, with special emphasis on road safety and savings in consumption.

When is CAP not necessary?

There are cases in which it is not necessary to have the CAP to drive as a professional, since it is enough to have a driving license. For example, CAP is not required when:

  • The vehicle has a maximum authorized speed of less than 45 km / h.
  • The vehicle is used by the services of the Armed Forces, Civil Protection, firefighters and the State Security Forces.
  • They are vehicles that are undergoing road tests for technical improvement, repair or maintenance purposes.
  • Vehicles that have not yet been put into circulation.
  • The vehicle for practical classes to obtain the driving license or the certificate of professional aptitude.
  • They are used to carry out private transport of goods or equipment for the use of the driver.


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