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Types of packaging for a move

Organizing the move is a complex issue, it is also important to take into account the different types of packaging necessary to carry out the move efficiently. For this reason, we have prepared this series of tips that will help you select the appropriate packaging in each case.

Cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, bubble wrap, fillers, pads ... At last we will know which is the most appropriate in each case!

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When we propose to carry out a move we must take into account various factors. A crucial factor is the selection of the appropriate packaging for each case.

The move requires care and organization to avoid damage to our furniture and belongings during the process, for this reason, packaging is vital.

Each type of packaging has unique characteristics that we must know in order to choose the type of packaging with which to protect our belongings.


We have compiled this list with the main types of packaging that are currently used for moving. Knowing the properties of each one can help you protect your objects adequately and effectively.

Cardboard boxes

It is the most classic method for packing belongings. You can buy the boxes or reuse them.

Surely a business near your home gets rid of boxes daily, get them and reuse them for the move. But keep in mind that they must be strong and well protected, check the boxes before putting your belongings in them, especially if they are heavy objects.

It is also important to close the boxes and seal them well before transport, do not overfill them or they could break.

In the boxes we can transport all kinds of objects, such as clothes, books, shoes ...

Plastic boxes

These types of boxes are very useful for transporting food. In the event that any liquid is spilled during transport, they prevent it from reaching other boxes or furniture since it does not escape from the plastic box.

Edge protection pads

They are ideal for protecting large and heavy objects in the most delicate areas such as edges or corners.

One drawback is that it only protects part of the furniture, but we can solve it if we combine this type of packaging with other methods such as the use of protective plastics.

These pads are very useful for furniture or paintings.

Plastic sleeves

The use of plastic covers is indicated for large furniture, thus preventing them from rubbing against other objects during transport.

As we have mentioned before, combining these covers with the edge protection pads is a perfect option.

The objects that are usually protected with these pads with sofas, mattresses, furniture ...


Fillers serve to fill empty spaces and prevent objects from moving during transport.

It is perfect for protecting glass objects such as glasses or vases or filling in empty spaces in furniture. As filler, newspaper or similar elements are usually used.

Bubble wrap

The bubble wrap is ideal to protect delicate items; we prevent them from rubbing against each other.

This method is very effective when combined with the use of cardboard boxes, since it allows us to protect some elements from others once they are inside the box.

When do we use bubble wrap? Great for transporting glass objects, porcelain objects or paintings.

Corrugated paperboard

This material adapts to the object and protects it. It is also manageable and helps to take advantage of space.

Like bubble wrap, it is a very effective method to protect objects that go inside cardboard boxes, such as glasses, vases or plates.


The use of blankets in a move is recommended to protect furniture or objects during their transfer in the moving truck. In this way we avoid breakage, friction or wear of furniture and objects during the process.


At RBR Moving we can pack your belongings ourselves so you don't have to worry about anything.

In case you decide to do it yourself, we can advise you on how to do it in an efficient and effective way.

We have medium-sized vehicles to be able to carry out smaller moves, our budgets are adapted to your needs and it is you who decides what service you want.

To do this, ask us for a quote. We will help you find the best solution.


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