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Heart-shaped diamond was found in Russia

Nature is more and more surprised, and the precious stones that are discovered impress more. As we know, it is normal to find diamonds in Russia, but this time the find has become quite special, because the gem has a heart shape that for some is a sign of the love that nature has for us and wanted to express it on the eve of the day Valentine's day.

A Russian company dedicated to the extraction of diamonds, showed this February 13 a beautiful diamond with an abstract shape but very similar to that of a love heart. This precious specimen was found on January 23 in a Kimberlite Udachnaya duct in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in the Far East of Russia, the main Russian mining company Alrosa announced today.

pink diamond

Gem analysis

According to experts who have been able to examine some of this jewel, which is more than 300 million years old, and has high quality characteristics, despite 65.7 carats. This diamond has become part of a new collection of colored gemstones, where there is also a 15-carat pink diamond, which was extracted in 2017 to the northeast of Russia and which is taken into account as one of the More costs in the world.

"The diamond is currently in the United Sales Organization for detailed examination and evaluation," said the mining company.
Alrosa also showed the largest diamond they have in their possession, it is a yellow piece with about 34 carats. As far as is known, blue or pink diamonds tend to be the most expensive because of how rare and difficult it is to find them in nature.

Evgeny Agureev, who is a member of the board of directors and director of the United Sales Organization of Alrosa, said the following in a statement: “Diamonds in a distinctive way that resemble an object or symbol are extremely rare in nature. Most rough diamonds are shaped like an octahedron or don't have a particular shape. ”
"The appearance of a diamond in the shape of a heart, especially on the eve of Valentine's Day, seems to be a symbolic gift of nature not only for our company, but also for all loving couples," he added. 
pink diamond 

Other interesting findings

It should be noted that last year, Alrosa found a rough diamond shaped like a soccer ball and a skull-like one for dates close to Halloween. 

The Udachnaya pipeline was discovered in 1955, its open pit mining began in 1971 and continues to the present. The pipe consists of two ore bodies: the western and the eastern, which join in the part near the surface. 

According to statistics, Russia currently stands out as the largest supplier of diamonds and between 30% or 40% of world production. Without a doubt, our planet still shields infinities of gems that will surprise us in the future.


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