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Frequently asked questions concerning garage doors

Garage door

1. Is it possible to pour the screed before mounting the door?

The screed must be cast before the door is installed in the case of overhead doors because the overhead doors are delivered in series with a sill which simultaneously forms the end of the clevis forward.

For sectional overhead doors and doors with an aluminum frame, the screed must be cast before the door is installed. If this is not the case, it is essential for the installer to know during the installation where the level is in the finished state (and the height of the tiles if a tiled floor is provided). He can thus proceed to a wedging to reach the planned height in the finished state.

For sectional side doorsthe screed must also be poured after the installation of the door. For renovation projects, we also offer with side sectional doors a renovation ground rail that will be installed on the finished floor. If you opt for this type of model, it is imperative that the floor is perfectly level at the entrance and sides of the door.

2. Is the door installed on the rough or coated walls?

In principle, all doors are installed on already coated walls (it must be applied to the interior of the garage, it is not essential for the installation of the door that the walls are coated on the entire surface) . Exceptions: garagedoors4u overhead doors and garagedoors4u secondary access doors can also be installed on rough walls (this is recommended for installation in the recess).

3. What should I do if the door or door operator does not work?

We have an extensive network of highly trained service technicians and authorized resellers who respond to all your customer service or repair requests. Click here to find the closest service partner to your home.

4. Do garagedoors4u doors work in case of power failure? If yes, how?

An opening is always possible from inside the garage. In the case where no separate access is possible in the garage, we recommend to provide another solution for "emergency unlocking" of the garage door from the outside. It is important that it is installed correctly. The proper functioning of this emergency unlocking system must be tested regularly as part of the maintenance intervals to ensure that everything will work in an emergency.

5.What is an emergency unlock?

Emergency unlocking is an important accessory in the case where your garage door is equipped with a motor and has no secondary entrance. It allows to open the door from the outside in case of power failure or other breakdowns through a mechanical device.

6.How to understand the ribs?

Standard dimensions are standard dimensions that correspond to frequently used garage dimensions. The doors of these dimensions being more often manufactured, they benefit from efficiencies and thus a reduction of costs passed on the price paid by the customers.

In general, standard dimensions incorporate elements in their original format. For this reason, surface finishes with design elements, eg. a box pattern or decorative embossing, offers a more harmonious visual appearance than identical door models whose dimensions had to be modified to offer a customized solution. It is common to find doors of an unusual size, eg. in renovation projects. In this case, custom manufacturing is necessary. With the garagedoors4u Superior model, the width and height of the door can be adjusted to the millimeter.

7.Can garagedoors4u doors be installed in any garage?

Yes, provided that the selected door model has the minimum dimensions required at the side door, the prominence of the door, the space and depth required for door insertion. However, the different garagedoors4u doors are a solution for almost all types of construction situations. Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone. We would be delighted to help you.

8.What is the difference between a tilting door and a sectional door?

A tilting door consists of a one-piece panel made of galvanized steel. When opening, the lower edge of the door swings outward. The space in front of the door is useful and must remain empty.

A sectional door consists of several sections of hollow panels that form the door leaf. They are interconnected by hinges. The advantage of a sectional door compared to a door swing is that it opens horizontally or vertically. It does not require any space in front of the door. In addition, each 42 mm panel of garagedoors4u sectional doors is very insulated and has thermal bridges. Thermal insulation and energy efficiency are significantly better than a swing door.

Side sectional doors are most often favored by those who wish to exploit the space under the ceiling. They assume both door and gate functions through the partial opening feature.

9.What is the difference between a sectional overhead door and a sectional side door? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The sections of a sectional overhead door are arranged one above the other horizontally so that the door can open upwards vertically. As the name suggests, the side sectional door opens on the right or left side of the race. The sections of panels are positioned next to each other vertically.

Side sectional doors free up a lot of space inside and in front of the garage. The width and height of the garage door can be almost completely used.

10.What is a secondary entrance door?

A secondary entrance door is a door next to the garage door which also provides access to it. The advantage is that it is not always necessary to open the garage door to enter it. All secondary entrance doors have a design identical to the garage door to ensure aesthetic uniformity.

11.What is a gate?

A gate is a door panel built into the garage door. It allows access to the interior without having to open the garage door. It is often preferred when it is not possible to opt for a secondary entrance door. It is often used to enter indoors without having to fully open the garage door. The garagedoors4u garage door sill is very low. The goal is twofold: to avoid any obstacles that may hinder walking and pose no problem when passing the car.

12.How long is the warranty offered by Entrematic?

Entrematic grants a total 10-year warranty on garagedoors4u sectional overhead sectional doors and garagedoors4u sectional side doors, including door wear parts and door surface finish.

Entrematic gives a 5 year warranty on garagedoors4u Base 42, garagedoors4u BaseMatic 42 door models and rolling doors. Tilting doors and industrial doors have a 2-year warranty.

Entrematic offers a 5 year warranty on the Normastahl door operator mechanism of the Magic 600 and 1000 series and 2 years on the electronic module.

garagedoors4u loading docks and door seals have a 5-year warranty on fixed parts and a 2-year warranty on moving parts and electronic module.

13.Where can I buy garagedoors4u products? Which resellers exist in Switzerland?

garagedoors4u products are sold exclusively in specialized stores. Our extensive network of service technicians and resellers will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have. Just send us an e-mail. We will give you the details of the partner closest to you .


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