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Pocket Motorbike Spares Dictionary And Basic Vocabulary

If you know motorbike spares this world of motorcycle, you will surely hear some words and / or expressions that we are talking about here. If you are new to the subject, this dictionary of pocket bikes, mini cross and mini quads , you will need.

A basic vocabulary of words, terms and expressions typical of the world of minibikes. In this article we want you to familiarize yourself with the way of speaking of these vehicles, since many references are new to our clients. Here are a few examples of lexicon used that you may not know:

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Easy start motorcycle

It is the latest motorbike spares trend in the so-called "shooter start". A type of handle that makes starting much easier and has a longer useful life than older models. It consists of a nylon gear and a puller. A simple pull is enough to start the minibike.

Quick fist motorcycle

It is a key part of the dictionary of pocket bikes . This type of fist differs from the normal one in that it is faster, as its name suggests. Since, to accelerate the same, the path of the fist is shorter.

Trigger motorcycle

It is a type of fist worn by mini quads and quads in general. These vehicles are prepared to circulate on uneven terrain , since having two wheels in front and not one like motorcycles, the child needs to apply more force to grip the handlebars. The trigger fist grants that freedom and security.

Pennant motorcycle

The flag is part of the dictionary of quads and buggies. This accessory is placed on the back of the mini quad to have the moving vehicle located in uneven places.

Pocket motorbike 2 stroke motor

They are the motorbike spares vast majority of minibikes on the market. Due to their low displacement these vehicles do not need a superior engine. The 2-stroke engine is so named because it has a four-phase cycle but performed in just 2 strokes, that is, in two piston movements.

Pocket motorbike 4 stroke motor

Four-stroke reciprocating internal combustion engines do cycle through four phases: intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust - in those 4 strokes. The pocket bikes 4T differ mainly in the 2T Minamoto do not have to add oil to gasoline.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Speed ​​limiter

It is a fundamental part of pocket bikes. Almost all of these vehicles come with a system that limits the speed that the minibike can reach. In most cases it is a screw on the throttle control that is regulated from the outside.

Man over board system

It is a safety motorbike spares measure by which the motor of the pocket bikes, mini cross or mini quads is stopped thanks to a simple mechanism. It is usually located on the handlebar and its end is attached to the wrist or the protective bib. When the rider physically detaches from the handlebar (after a fall) , the handlebar disconnects and automatically stops the engine.

Remote control

Most children's mini quads and quads come with a remote control with a dual function. The first, stop the engine from the outside and the second configure the burglar alarm.

And now that you have become familiar with some of the world of pocket bikes , do you want to ride one?

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