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What kind of Work Can Be Done In Web Designing?

If you are thinking of designing a website, whether it is a personal site or a business site, this article is for you. Jezweb will detail the methodology to create your site and impress your friends or colleagues. The key to success is to follow the different steps in order, without putting the cart before the horse.

Today, there is no need to be a seasoned graphic designer to design a website with a beautiful design. Many tools exist to support you in this essential step.

Define your strategy

It seems obvious, but before tackling the design of your site, ask yourself what is its purpose, its universe, the goal you want to achieve, etc. Before delving into your content strategy, it's important to know how you want to market your brand. The goal is to build something engaging and authentic.

Once you've set your goal, you need to ask yourself what actions you want people to take on your site. Did you create it to deliver information? To sell your products? To gain subscribers? It is the answers to these questions that will determine the visual appearance of your site.

In the field of e-commerce for example, you will have to focus particularly on the home page. According to the Crowdspring company, which specializes in web design, it must be ensured that it only shows one product or one offer with a clearly visible CTA (call to action) button.

Look at the trends in terms of design

The visual appearance of Website Design change quite often depending on the modes. But note this point: Even if it takes inspiration from it, a trendy design won't necessarily suit you.

For 48% of Internet users, the visual aspect is the most important. We must therefore take the time to see what the competition is doing. Each sector has its particular universe. It remains to be seen whether you want to comply with it or, on the contrary, disrupt it.

Define your brand's universe

Now that you have all the basics, it's time to think more about your site design. Remember that every detail is part of the overall image of your brand. Everything counts: colors, font, images, etc.

Color is one of the strongest signals in terms of communication. According to consultancy firm Color Matters, it can boost brand image by 80%.

Each brand has a dominant color, then one or two secondary colors. Blue is the most used by larger companies.

Images For Your Website 

Images have a major role in the appearance of a site. They help boost clicks and engagement. According to a study, we only retain 10% of information. But if you add an image to that information, it goes down to 65%.

However, you should not drown your site under images. High quality photos can also slow down the display of your site and do you a disservice on the SEO side.

Optimize your content

Online Marketing Once your site starts to look like something, you need to get people to go there. For this, you need to focus on two things: positioning and SEO.

Positioning refers to the layout of a page. Most Internet users read F-form. This is why menus are often placed at the top of the page. It's the first thing people see on a home page. So don't forget this element when filling your site with content.


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